7 Best Gifts for Men: Luxury Items at Killer Prices

7 Best Gifts for Men: Luxury Items at Killer Prices

Spoil the Men in Your Life with the Finest Razors, Shaving Products & More

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and more… there’s always a reason to get a cool gift for the men you care about. 

And no matter who you’re shopping for — husbands, boyfriends, brothers, dads, grandads, or whoever — you do NOT have to spend a lot of time and money hunting down an extravagant gift they’ll love.

Check out these upscale gifts for men for some new ideas this year. 

Our picks feature high-quality products and cool items that can elevate men’s self-care routines while infusing a new sense of luxury into their everyday life. 

High-End Gifts That Men Actually Want: 7 Gifts He Will LOVE

Forget about the gadgets, socks, neckties, and other token gifts that’ll get tossed in the closet (or the garbage). Instead, get him one of these gifts to really WOW him and give him something he can actually use daily.

Beard & Shaving Comb

Made with real bamboo and emerald sandalwood, this beard comb is specially designed to untangle and easily glide through facial hair without causing frizz or static. 

That makes the TONSOR beard comb efficient and effective at: 

  • Moisturizing beards by bringing natural skin oils through delicate beard hair

  • Styling beards with fewer brush strokes, putting less strain on hair follicles

  • Creating better-looking beards with ease

Price: $12 

Ceramic Shave Bowl

Harmonizing elegant design and thoughtful functionality, ceramic shave bowls can upgrade any shaving experience. 

The ridges, shape, and depth have all been carefully crafted to promote an ideal lather with a variety of shaving brushes. Enhancing that, the ceramic materials retain warmth for multiple passes, keeping that perfect lather ready for much longer.

That combination of features can make it easier to get amazing lathers and closer shaves with far less irritation. 

Price: $29

Cooling CBD Aftershave

CBD Aftershave | CBD Shaving ProductsWhether or not redness, razor burn, and sensitive skin are issues, you’ve got to get him this cooling CBD aftershave

First in class and formulated with the highest-quality ingredients, TONSOR’s cooling CBD aftershave is extraordinarily soothing, moisturizing, and healing, offering a far better alternative to traditional aftershave while bringing skin care and men’s shaving experiences to a whole new level of awesome. 

Beyond being the first and finest CBD aftershave available, TONSOR’s cooling CBD aftershave is also eco-friendly, using minimal plastic from concept through production. 

Price: $45

Curl Sponge 

Great for stocking stuffers and men with short and longer hair, the TONSOR curl sponge can be the perfect answer to smart styling for natural hair. 

With an ergonomic design, exceptional sponge materials, and deliberately placed holes, this curl sponge can enhance curls and coils, creating better shape and style without heat — and without weighing hair down. 

It’s also incredibly durable, with a great hand feel, and it’s super easy to use for beginners and shaving pros alike. 

Price: $7

Super Silvertip Badger Hair Shave Kit

Give the gift of a first-class shaving experience with this elegant man’s shaving kit. Compact and eye-catching, this craftsman men’s shaving kit includes: 

  • A steel safety razor
  • A genuine super silvertip badger hair shave brush
  • A matching stand to hold the brush and razor, so they stay dry and rust-free

These elegant men’s shaving kits are available in a variety of sharp colors, including:

  • Gun Metal Black
  • Metallic Black
  • Rose Gold
  • Gold
  • Chrome

Price: $109

TONSOR Superior Stainless Razor Blades

Another fantastic stocking stuffer for any man in your life who shaves is the double-edge razor blade made by TONSOR. 

Crafted by experts with decades of experience, these superior-grade razor blades are made from Swedish steel, with an ultra-refined edge to deliver matchless results and smooth shaves for even the coarsest beards and the most sensitive skin. 

Price: Starting at $2

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