About Us

About TONSOR - High-End Men's Shaving Products

TONSOR is a family-owned shave company that is committed to utilizing the finest materials and highest-quality ingredients to help you elevate your shave and your skin care.

Founded by Master Tonsor of two decades, Hanif Collins, in 2018, our company aims to reimagine the age old tradition of a close shave for the new generation with professional-grade shaving products for men designed for at-home use.

Our top-of-the-line men's shaving products, kits, and accessories include:

At TONSOR, we are proud to use as little plastic as possible in all of our shaving products because we are serious about maintaining a high level of durability while ensuring sustainability for the eco-conscious consumer.

We invite you to explore our luxury shaving products to discover what the next generation of shaving looks like. We also encourage you to contact us with questions.