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Experience an exceptional shave with our expertly crafted razors & shaving accessories for men.

We at TONSOR hope to empower men to prioritize personal care and achieve unfailing confidence.

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Cooling CBD Aftershave

Our CBD aftershave is lightweight formula infused with high CBD content for immediate comfort and skin rejuvenation.

TONSOR is the first company worldwide to develop a CBD aftershave.

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We are wet shaving experts and are here to help.

We're always happy to help you make the most of your wet shaving experience.

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keep your fuzz in check

Get a clean, neat, irritation-free shave every time you shave.

At TONSOR, our mission is to reimagine the age-old tradition of shaving for the new generation through luxury men's shaving products, razors, brushes, kits, and more. All of our shaving products are professional-grade quality designed for at-home use.

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